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Office Property Management

We Specialize In Office Property Management

While other companies offer commercial and residential management or all types of commercial property management, we specialize in office property management. Our clients benefit from this specialization which reflects in maximum value return for the management fee invested. Your property is a business within itself which income needs to be maximized and expenses minimized which adds value to the property. This requires an ongoing proactive strategy with defined goals for your property by an office property specialist.

Custom Level Management To Fit Your Needs

We can custom build your management program to fit your goals and requirements.You call the shots and we will accommodate your needs.   

Vendors That Are The Best In Their Field

We use the top rated local service and repair people in the area that will get the job done right the first time at a fair price. These vendors have high review ratings and we constantly monitor their performance. 

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance helps save money by taking care of building components to receive the maximum life from these items. It also helps with planning and budgeting for capital replacement items in the future.  


Every month we provide the accounting reports that you require via email so you can keep track of your property performance.  


We can handle your leasing services in house or you can use outside Brokers of your choice. 

Tenant Retention

Tenant retention is very important to your bottom line. Loss of income from vacancies reduces your cash flow and can lower the value of your property. Good communication with Tenants can go a long way in retaining Tenants. We meet with Tenants periodically to make sure everything is going well with their space and business. Sometime we can glean new information from them to take care of any potential problems before they happen. 

Building Efficency

 Reducing operating cost through energy cost saving solutions can save both the property Owner and Tenants money. Many solutions are available which can be identified with a energy audit. 

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